Fully Serviced, Pre-Owned Motorcycle Dealership Serving the Asheville, NC Area

If you’re looking for your dream bike, or you’re a savvy rider searching for great deals, buying a pre-owned motorcycle from a reputable used motorcycle dealer is a great way to get rolling.

Since 2008, locally owned Blue Ridge Riders in Asheville, NC has been the pre-owned motorcycle specialist for the Greater Asheville area. We’re located conveniently close to Greenville, SC and a short drive from Charlotte, Winston-Salem, or Knoxville, TN. We offer dealer advantages at pre-owned prices, plus a region-wide reputation for real deals on motorcycles. We sell used ATVs and UTVs, too.

Benefits of Buying from a Dealer

Buying from a reputable used motorcycle dealer like Blue Ridge Riders comes with significant plusses. Dealerships are built on solid reputations for respect and reliability. Unlike private sellers, we have a vested interest in your satisfaction. We start with a full in-house inspection and complete service on every Kawasaki, Honda, Harley-Davidson®, Suzuki, Yamaha, and more in our showroom. At Blue Ridge Riders, the sales process is honest and transparent: facts up front and no hidden fees. Testimonials from our customers prove we work hard to do things right.

Financing a Used Motorcycle

For many shoppers, the biggest advantage a used motorcycle dealer offers over private sellers is financing. Local lenders work with us to help qualified buyers, usually with same-day approval. Taking out a personal loan or maxing out a credit card to buy from a random private seller could mean unwisely risking your home or property as collateral for a potentially questionable transaction. In contrast, Blue Ridge Riders will be there after the sale to ensure your satisfaction, as well as for all kinds of aftermarket upgrades. Get ready with our checklist of documents required for financing.

If you’re looking for your dream bike in Greater Asheville or shopping for your first, call Blue Ridge Riders at 828-505-7575. You’ll find competitive out-the-door pricing on a great selection of ready-to-ride motorcycles, ATVs, and UTVs at our showroom. When you call, ask us about pre-owned custom bikes, too!